Hello from Kyiv!

Hi! We’re Victoria and Andriy and we’re standing behind Feb — the brand of
cool wool made in Kyiv. Some time ago we decided to create something
special so we came up with warm and bright knitted sweaters which will fit
any body shape, style and occasion. Join and let’s have fun with it!

Why Feb?

We named our brand Feb because February is our favorite month of the year. Yes, we know it’s a little bit strange – it’s grey and wet and freezing so it’s hard to enjoy it. But for us it is a month of love because we met each other in February. No surprise we’ve launched our brand in February as well, in 2020. And maybe one day our colorful sweaters will make you love this month as much as we do.

Bright colors

In Feb we believe that after the rain always comes the rainbow. This natural phenomenon is our eternal source of inspiration and hope for the best.

Slow fashion

We’re not in a hurry to become huge. It’s important for us to stay honest and be able to afford ourselves the luxury of slowing down and growing naturally. This means we always have the permanent line and new colors and styles will be added as time goes on. We also produce our sweaters in small quantities to avoid overproduction and dead stock. We appreciate your patience if the color or style required is not available at the moment and you have to wait a little to get your own Feb sweater.

No trends and fashion seasons

In Feb we want you to wear sweaters all day, day after day, season after season. That’s why we source the finest quality Italian merino wool and produce our sweaters at a small Kyiv-based atelier so we can pay attention to every detail and step of creating Feb products. They are cool in winter and summer no matter if it is 2020, 2025 or 2030 – Feb sweaters are made to last.